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Product update 1.7

As more and more enthousiasts are being connected to Power BI using our tool, we just can’t stop developing our product even further to keep you as enthousiast as you are. Find out about our newest features in product update 1.7 that makes you able to archive part of your data, compare growth in a stable situation – and more!

A year ago, in November 2019, we launched the first edition of our Power BI-connector for CCH® Tagetik. The product provides financial intelligence of Tagetik data in Power BI.

What was already there?

From the start, the most important features already included, amongst others:

  • Automated load of data and metadata into Power BI, including all dimensions and hierarchies;
  • Analyses of income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and KPI’s;
  • On the fly insights in your financial statement;
  • User- & permission management for Tagetik and Power BI;
  • Interactive data on all devices, IBCS certified;
  • Reliable insights from time to time.

What's new in product update 1.7?

Apart from the implementations that we have been focussing on, of course the development of the tool keeps our focus, too. That’s why we just released our product version 1.7, including:

  • Time dependent hierarchies – providing the possibility to compare on a ‘like for like’ or organic growth analysis, like TD hierarchies are being used in CCH® Tagetik: organizational- or custom- dimensional hierarchies where a period in time affects the rollup or existence of the base elements. It’ll make it possible to analyse the impact changes will have before they are made;
  • Archived data – to keep the software fast as it is, it might come usefully to let Tagetik archive data that you’ll rarely use and won’t change anymore. This will keep the tool fast and your insights brought to you on the fly;
  • Advanced Financial Statements (FST’s) – a feature globally used in CCH® Tagetik to combine your financial statements with a Custom Dimension is now available in our Power BI reports as well.

Stay posted!

Basically, everything you need is already there! But don’t worry: we’ll always be amplifying the tool and adding functionality. 

Do you need something else to be added? Any questions or curiousity about our tool? Please, get in touch by filling our the form below. Want to make sure to always be up-to-date on our newest releases? Just follow our account on LinkedIn.

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