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How cpmVision offers a safe, secure and scalable BI deployment of your CCH® Tagetik data

We at cpmVision work with many finance teams and almost all come to us looking for ways to collaborate more efficiently with the CCH® Tagetik data they have available. Finance teams generally want to:

  1. Use the data beyond only the finance function.
  2. Combine the data with that from other systems (e.g, HRM, CRM, ERP).
  3. Enable Self Service BI for the executives and management teams.

All of that is possible with the intelligent cpmVision data model we developed in close cooperation with CCH® Tagetik, and supported by their Accelerate Partner Program.

With all the capabilities we offer, finance teams quickly realize that the most important aspect of sharing data outside CCH® Tagetik is being able to still control it. By default, CCH® Tagetik’s user management doesn’t come along with the export of the data into a datawarehouse or another company-wide data repository. This is a concern – how to keep the data safe and secure, and only accessible to those entitled to see it?

As a Chartered IT Auditor, I have always learned to use the CIA model for information security within an organization. The model is about Confidentiality, integrity, and Availability of data. We have developed our cpmVision solution based on this triangle. With our solution, you are able to share CCH® Tagetik data in a BI solution with the confidence that only the right people can see their (portion of the) data.

We developed our solution in such a way that you can manage and expand the security model within CCH® Tagetik itself, meaning you still assign roles and responsibilities to people, even when they are not using the CCH® Tagetik application itself. As such, the Corporate Controller stays in control of who can access the data at no additional costs for CCH® Tagetik itself – and with a push of the button the security model is exported to your BI solution.

The I in this CIA triangle is the integrity of data. What you report in CCH® Tagetik must be 100% accurate, and the same goes for that data once it resides in your BI solution. You don’t want to be forced to audit the data twice. This is true for the fact tables but also for the metadata and any financial intelligence applied on that data such as segment reporting, currency translation and the Financial Statement formulas. The confidentiality and integrity rules are applied and synchronized in the export that cpmVision makes available in your BI solution.

This last pillar of the CIA triangle is Availability and this means that the data should always be accessible when needed (in context). This requires an advanced technical architecture and infrastructure that is well maintained.

Based on our building principles we always start with an assessment of your CCH® Tagetik architecture. On what kind of environment are you running your instance of CCH® Tagetik? What is the size of your monthly data load? After this assessment and in cooperation with you and your IT department we pick the right cpmVision solution for you: our Professional or Enterprise edition.

Our award winning cpmVision Professional edition is a 100% Power BI solution and delivers our intelligent data model together with great visuals of our partner Zebra BI, bringing IBCS certified standards as well as our sample report package to get you started quickly.

We recently added our Enterprise edition, that on top of the Professional edition now supports the full utilization of the Azure platform for the best performance and scalability. At the core of the solution lies our unique cpmVision intelligent data model, but built on a more powerful architecture based on Azure data analytics. This allows to handle significantly larger data volumes and, next to that, cpmVision Enterprise can be deployed on various other BI solutions as long as these connect to Tabular models.


Are you concerned about confidentiality, integrity, availability and scalability of your CCH® Tagetik data when deployed in a BI solution? Don’t worry, cpmVision has the right solution for you!

Bas Ranzijn


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