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The tool has so much functionality

cpmVision offers a Power BI connection for CCH® Tagetik. It includes powerful embedded financial intelligence, not just for the finance department, but to be shared throughout your organization, as well. All installations of CCH® Tagetik are compatible, on premise and cloud with for example SAP HANA. No longer do you have to make concessions when using financial dashboards and reports through Power BI.

Some of our top features:

Financial Intelligence

On the fly insights in your financial statements. Standardized and completely built in Power BI.

User management

Manage your users and permissions in our software, where we combine Tagetik users & Power BI users dynamically.


Stay in the lead of who can see what. Your data is safe with row level security: standard reports will only show the data that users have access to.


Keep the same, reliable insights from time to time. Power BI adjusts to Tagetik configuration.

Interactive & on the go

Static data becomes interactive data – not just on your computer but on all devices. IBCS certified.

And... there's more!

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