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Breaking through the status quo by offering a cutting-edge Power BI connector for CCH® Tagetik

Financial Intelligence in Power BI

Power BI-connector for CCH® Tagetik!

The CCH® Tagetik database generally only contains the base level data that Power BI cannot interpret similar to the CCH® Tagetik software. The course of action companies take mostly is to create a significant number of consolidation scenarios that physically write the consolidated data to database. This consolidated data then is migrated to a data warehouse for consumption through Power BI. A suboptimal situation that takes time for the static data to be processed and extracted and that limits the analytical capabilities of Power BI users. cpmVision breaks through this status quo by offering a cutting-edge Power BI-connector for CCH® Tagetik!

Experience beautiful Zebra BI custom Visuals

Create jaw-dropping reports and dashboards with powerful visuals with the embedded Zebra BI.  

The Zebra BI visuals are certified by Microsoft, guaranteeing that they comply with the strictest security standards to date and that they follow world-class technology best practices.  

Zebra BI supports Dr. Rolf Hichert’s International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), making it 100% compliant with the highest quality standards in business reporting.

Zebra BI Visuals

Self-service Business Intelligence

Self-service BI helps to creates a new culture around using data every day within your organization. By using the flexibillity of Power BI and the financial intelligence from CCH Tagetik you will be in charge of your own analitics.

Add new sources with the composite data modeling available in Power BI. Combine your CRM, ERP and/or CCH Tagetik dat in one report!

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