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Connect your preferred BI platform & start building your own financial analytics

Best of both worlds!

With cpmVision Enterprise you empower your preferred BI platform for visualizing the Financial Intelligence from CCH Tagetik . cpmVision has multiple possibilities to connect your CCH® Tagetik application to your BI platform. Of course, there is Microsoft Power BI and next to this we can connect to different solutions like Tableau Software, CXO Software, XLCubed or Qlik.

All your CCH Tagetik data, financial intelligence and security information are dynamically synchronized to the cpmVision Enterprise Tabular model. Connect the BI tooling of your choosing and start building your own financial analytics.

How do we connect these worlds?

Connect every BI visualization tool that communicates with Tabular data models. Tabular models can be deployed to Power BI Premium, Azure Analysis Services, or an instance of SQL Server Analysis Services.

Connect to your favorite BI Visualisation tool!

The way we productized our knowledge of both CCH Tagetik and data analysis technology, makes us their go to partner for integrations. Next to this, we also work closely with companies like CXO Cockpit and XLCubed. We enable them to continue their great work on the reporting and analysis side, while we ensure a modern and secure connection to CCH Tagetik data sources.

Do you want to compare cpmVision Enterprise with cpmVision Professional?

Want to get the most out of your BI visualization tool? Don’t wait!